About Liver Disease

One of the biggest questions that health care providers and patients ask is about liver disease. A healthy liver can be the key to life; without it, you are susceptible to many serious health problems. Liver disease is divided into two broad categories: fatty liver and steatosis (or fatty liver disease). It is important that… Continue reading About Liver Disease

Hepatic Steatosis Symptoms

Hepatic steatosis is a condition in which fatty liver is caused by too much accumulation of fat in liver cells. Normally, the liver produces enough of the fatty substances called triglycerides (fatty acids). However, with this condition, the liver produces more fatty substances and transports it into the bloodstream instead of into liver cells. A… Continue reading Hepatic Steatosis Symptoms

Liver Detox Cleanse

Liver cleansing, though often avoided by many people as they are unsure about its benefits, is an extremely important part of an overall detox plan. If you suffer from any liver-damaging health condition, treat your liver gently and adopt a liver-friendly lifestyle before attempting an intense liver cleanse or gall bladder flush. Liver disease is… Continue reading Liver Detox Cleanse

Food For Fatty Liver

Food for fatty liver does not have to be as boring as some people make it out to be. There are many great foods you can eat to help your liver be healthy. If you’re drinking alcohol, there are specific types of alcohol that will cause more damage to your liver than others. Alcohol liver… Continue reading Food For Fatty Liver

Diet For Healthy Liver

If you are suffering from fatty liver, a diet for healthy liver is the key to recovery and prevention. Many people ignore the symptoms of fatty liver in favor of quick fixes and do not give it much thought until they develop a serious liver condition. The liver is a vital organ in the body… Continue reading Diet For Healthy Liver

Food For Liver

Food for liver detox is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to improve liver health. It’s important to note however that the effectiveness of this food varies from person to person. This means that what may work for your buddy may not necessarily work for you. The following are some common food for liver… Continue reading Food For Liver

Treatment For Liver Disease

The most effective treatment for liver disease varies according to a person’s age, type of liver ailment and his overall health. For some forms of liver ailment, a medical professional might prescribe medications to ease the symptoms or even cure the disease directly. On the other hand, there are many natural treatments which can also… Continue reading Treatment For Liver Disease

Diet For Liver Problems

What is the best diet for liver problems? There are some ways to combat liver damage without resorting to extreme measures such as surgery or pharmaceuticals. One natural way is to change the diet of someone with fatty liver. Dietary changes are more successful than taking prescription drugs because it is not a matter of… Continue reading Diet For Liver Problems