Liver Cleansing

liver cleansing

Many people are now aware of the health benefits of a liver cleanse. Your liver performs several important functions for your body. Among them is detoxifying your blood, eliminating toxins, regulating blood pressure, and producing vitamin D. Unfortunately, if your liver gets overloaded, it can produce more toxins than it can handle, leading to a series of medical problems that can eventually lead to liver failure.

Some of the first conditions associated with overloaded livers are jaundice and gallbladder disease. They’re both caused by a buildup of bile or cholesterol in your liver. Although they appear to be quite similar, they’re actually quite different. Milk thistle can actually be used as a gentle liver cleanser. It works to both detoxify and eliminate toxic substances from the liver.

In addition to using milk thistle for liver cleansing, you should also begin eating lots of fibre-rich foods, particularly leafy vegetables and dark-colored fruits. Fiber-rich foods help move body wastes through your digestive tract more efficiently, keeping them from sticking to fatty tissues and slowing the digestive process down. Also, certain fruits and vegetables are naturally excellent at removing toxins from your body. Because you should start eating a variety of fruits and vegetables before trying any herbal cleansers, you won’t be stuck with one or two types of fruit or vegetable.

Milk thistle is often included in liver detoxification formulas. Other herbs that work very well as liver cleansers include senna and cascara sagrada. However, these types of herbs can’t be used if you have blocked bile ducts.

The best way to cleanse your liver is to take an all natural herbal liver cleanse supplement. These supplements don’t usually contain any dyes, colors or artificial ingredients. They contain only pure, powerful herbal ingredients proven to support liver health. Many people choose to take a cleanse during the winter months, when the weather tends to become damp. By taking an herbal cleanse during this time, your liver is given an opportunity to heal itself. On days when the weather is dry, you should consider a liver cleansing once or twice a year.

There are many other all natural herbal liver cleansing supplements available. If you do decide to use milk thistle for liver cleansing, however, you should also consider taking black pepper, licorice, and senna. Dandelion root and yellow dock are two other herbs that are frequently thought to be beneficial. However, studies have shown that drinking tea made from these plants does not improve one’s liver health.

There are several different methods for doing a liver cleanse. You can either do a fast followed by a liver flush or you can do a cleanse in stages. A fast simply gives your body a break from foods high in fat and protein. Detoxification occurs gradually, first removing toxins through the urine and then liver flushes. Each stage involves a shorter period of fasting until all of the toxins have been eliminated.

Eating plenty of fiber, vegetables, and fruits will also help cleanse your liver and help keep you healthier. Foods rich in antioxidants will also help rid your body of toxins. Green tea is often recommended as a drink during detoxification. Combining these simple, natural foods with exercise and a liver cleansing supplement can help you bring your liver back to better functioning.